We also offer Bucket Truck services such as parking lot lighting installation & repair, banner & penant hanging, exterior building lighting installation & repair, & Holiday lighting!  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for those hard to reach things you need serviced!

Parking Lot Lighting


Whether you are installing new lights or repairing existing lights, we can accommodate all your lighting needs. Routine parking lot and area lighting maintenance increases the safety of the area around your building and presents a professional look. Call us today to schedule service for your lighting maintenance. Don't allow your property to become a victim of litigation or a "dangerous" reputation due to inadequate area lighting.  Make your property more appealing with adequate and maintained lighting both inside and out.

Banner and Penant Hanging


Need to hang a banner or penant. Just can't seem to reach it? Tired of overpaying for a simple means to hang up your banner, penant, or flag?

Holiday Lighting / Decoration Installation

It's the Holiday Season and you want to celebrate the time of year. Just can't seem reach your landscape or roof? Tired of overpaying for a simple means of holiday lighting and decoration installation?


Exterior Lighting Repair


Damaged Elevated Light Fixture? Can't seem to reach it? Tired of overpaying for a simple means to reach and repair your lighting fixture?