Our Commercial Services include: Troubleshooting; wire locating and fault locating in walls, ceilings and underground; indoor/outdoor lighting and repairs; lamps, ballast and upgrades; store warehouse, display and parking lot lighting; power for registers, computers, tools and appliances, equipment, computer rooms, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), bakery, restaurant and all other specialty equipment.

Building Lighting and Power

We will gladly work with you to maintain the interior lighting at its peak and also assist in offering energy saving measures to make your building a little greener. We can also assist in the installation of new circuits, receptacles, switches and lighting to give your property all that it needs to conduct business efficiently.  We promise to respond as quickly as possible to any call for service whether it is during regular work hours or after hours and weekends. We want you to know that you are important to us.

Ace Electric Service Company, LLC is willing to work with you to accommodate unique billing and budget scenarios.

We offer a monthly nighttime inspection service to determine your parking lot and building security lighting needs.

We can also arrange to inspect the internal lighting. Any non-working fixtures will be promptly serviced.

Give us a call; we are waiting to hear from YOU!